Privacy policy

Crane Game Paradise, a website operated by 株式会社クローマシーン (hereinafter, “our Company”), respects the privacy of all users and makes every effort to ensure that it can be enjoyed with peace of mind. We comply with the provisions of the Act on the Protection of Personal Information and all other related laws, regulations, and standards regarding the handling and protection of personal information. Our policy on the handling of personal information and the protection of user privacy is as follows.

1. Basic guiding principle

Our Company collects the information of users of this Service to the extent necessary for the smooth operation of the service provided by “Crane Game Paradise.” The user information collected will only be used within this scope. Specifically, we will use this information for sending emails, providing information about various events, conducting surveys, and delivering prize items.

2. Compliance with laws and regulations

Our Company’s handling of the personal information of all users will comply with existing laws, regulations, and standards.

3. Restrictions on the use and provision of personal information

Our Company will not disclose the personal information of users to a third party without the prior consent of the user in question, except in special circumstances, such as when we are required to do so under law, or when doing so is deemed necessary to protect the life, property, or other rights and interests of an individual.

With regard to the acquisition of and restrictions on the use and provision of personal information, we will make every effort to obtain personal information only with the consent of the user in question and state all necessary information, such as the purposes of use, the scope to which the information will be used jointly, and the point of contact for any enquiries.

4. Information that our Company may or will obtain from users

In order to ensure the smooth operation of this Service, our Company may or will obtain the following information from users.

  • Information related to the user
    This includes the user’s full name (including their nickname when using this Service), age, gender, address, email address, location information, etc.
  • This includes the user’s access history, gaming records, action history, gameplay videos and images, prize acquisition information, etc., when using this Service.
  • Information related to the user’s information device (PC, mobile phone, etc.) and connectivity environment
    This includes the user’s product model, operating system, telecommunications carrier, information device settings, IP address, advertising ID, and other unique identifiers of their information device.
  • Information related to the user’s purchases
    This refers to information about purchases made via electronic payment methods (credit cards, phone-based payments, etc.) within this Service and information about individual services purchased with these methods. The information described above may also be obtained subsequently from a third-party payment service company during the settlement of purchases made via electronic payment methods.
  • Information related to enquiries and surveys
    This includes information related to general enquiries regarding this Service that have been submitted to us, information related to responses to surveys regarding this Service, as well as information related to the attributes of users surveyed.

5. Purposes of use

In order to ensure the smooth operation of this Service, our Company may use the information collected from users for the following purposes.

  • To verify the identity of users
  • To respond to enquiries received from users
  • To share information about new products and services of our Company with users, as well as to provide them with these products and services
  • To gather feedback from users regarding this Service
  • To use statistical data regarding the use of this Service in aggregate for the purpose of improving and modifying this Service
  • To deliver prize items won by users to them
  • To prevent users who have violated the Terms of Use from using this Service

6. Regarding the use of cookies

Our Company may use cookies, web beacons, and other similar forms of technology for this Service. A cookie is a mechanism for storing the data of a browser that has displayed the website, and it provides information that allows the website to record data pertaining to page visits that is essential for improving the operation of the website. We do not obtain any information that allows us to identify an individual or distinguish an individual from others through the use of cookies


Cookies are used on many websites.

Users can configure their browser settings to decline to accept cookies or to display a warning when cookies are used.

7. Revision of the Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy may be revised in accordance with prevailing laws and regulations or other changes in the environment. Users are advised to check this Privacy Policy regularly as we will periodically review and improve this policy.

8. Retention period under the Privacy Policy

Our Company has stipulated a retention period for all personal information to the extent necessary for the purposes of use stated. After the retention period has elapsed or if the purposes of use have been fulfilled, the information will be deleted via the appropriate means.